Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soul Eater - Why All the Hate?

A lot of controversy surrounds the new Square-Enix Soul Eater anime in comparison to the Soul Eater manga.

They are very different. The anime has ended, while the manga books still keep churning out. The manga is great and almost everyone agrees that the anime is too throughout the first half of the series.

The reason is that the first half of the series follows the manga to a tee. The latter half of the the series ends in a way that many fans didn't like because it portrayed a female in a strong role of masculinity.

The show is meant to be an action fantasy and having a girl that wields only a scythe's apparent 'lak of strength' seemed to not warent her being able to defeat a major villian. It always has to be that useless male character that somehow wins and save the day?

I think not.

Maka, is the characters name and she is doing a good job at changing gender roles in fantasy anime. I feel that the ending of the show was warranted because Maka certainly wields a mighty strength to be able bodied enough to wield her scythe, which is actually a person named Soul.

Specifically, episodes 32 and 43 have come under some fire for their lack of content. Excaliber has been labeled as annoying in the series and is later regarded as even worse. His role in the series did seem to be this specifically rather than just a comic relief.
The show has always been a vary different sort of fantasy anyway, which its ultra-stylized moon and sun and its use of humans as weapons.

If I had to criticize the show for anything, it would be for not letting their Wii title reach the United states.

Apparently, Americans wouldn't respect a title that was actually unique and had a story with some substance. There should really be a company that specifically tracks down gems like these and brings them here. I do understand that this is essentially what the developer Atlus does currently, but they aren't doing good enough a job if this game falls through the cracks.

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