Friday, November 5, 2010

Black Rock Shooter

A new anime has arrived and it is getting laughed off the stage!

An anime inspired by a computer program called Hatsune Miku has just been released.

Hatsune Miku is a famous program that holds concerts now.

Ok I’m sure your thinking: “Wait, a program holding concerts” or “dude everyone already knows…” I will explain in this next paragraph.

Hatsune Miku is a program that creates a voice that the user can edit, in any way he or she wants, to sing a song. This ‘robot singer’ has been given a cute anime schoolgirl image complete with a family for the other programs that were later spawned who also got anime makeovers.

Black Rock Shooter is a song that is based off a work of art.


So everyone loved the song Black Rock Shooter. They decided to make a $100 figurine for the song.

That’s right, just for the song.

Then people bought the figure so much that they decided to make an anime out of it.

No one liked the anime.

I was very excited for the anime and didn’t find any huge flaws, so I was a little taken by surprise when I found out how much everyone hated it. It was very contrasting to the previous love that this concept was shown. Come on people! Show Shooter some more love! Don't let them stop at just the anime. Black Rock Live Action now in theaters! Just kidding.

I think It might be possible that everyone was just too excited about the anime and had too many hopes and dreams that were of the caliber suggested by the songs fan base and then were shot down when they realized the anime was about school.

Just goes to show, you can’t base an anime off a figure off a song created by a computer program off an art book and expect it to sell.

Here, have a reward for reading this far. It's a Hatsune Miku song! =^-^= [Definitely not a shameless plug...]

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