Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Hip Hop Anime Disagreement.

Play the songs while you read! [They basically don't have lyrics]

Slightly related (but not really X3): Justin Bieber has a comic book due this October.

For a long time have many fanboys and fangirls disliked or not understood hip-hop. Also for those of you who where wondering, hip-hop is essentially and in all ways rap music. I looked it up once.

There can be no slander for this video that many have brought attention. It holds the names of many a' characta' you may rememba' from lore.

However, this video is now a subject of small debate in the community. My side is quite obvious.

There will be those who criticize the rapper for trying to latch onto a fanbase as he slowly dwindles in existence from his one hit wonder, but to them I say nay. Sure, most rap should be about killing and more money, but that doesn't mean it can't have change too.

>.< (ooo I love puns so much)

Even if the music isn't a masterpiece, it is bridging the gap between communities. Many a time the breakers that will join my phsyfer at an anime convention don't stop coming out of the crowd. A phsyfer is indeed the circle that break-dancers create in order to dance in.

Once I even witnessed an individual do a back-flip off a stage and crack his head open. He was ok after the blood stopped. Security quickly rushed him to somewhere, after I had sat him down.

These are the kind of people we need at Cons! Dance till you can't anymore.

Anime and Hip-Hop have worked well together before in certain anime though. Samurai Champloo is a great example of that, although it was a work of supreme art in and of itself. Why, then, should it not be allowed to be reversed.

This is a short clip of that majesty in low quality. Nujabes, rest in peace, has graciously recorded quite a score for the show. The song is amazing despite the low quality video.

I personally thought the song was somewhat catchy. I mean it's hard to judge what good Hip-Hop is in today's market with floops like Kanye West. I know where Ice Cube is coming from when he says that "Soulja Boi single-handedly ruined hip-hop", but I can also understand why Soulja Boi would call Ice-T "old". The styles of hip-hop have changed drastically over the years.

There comes a time that things must change in every art form. With more and more nerdcore rappers like MC Chris and Optimus Rhyme emerging, it seems that this genre is the root of that change's fertilizer.