Here are my cosplays and how/why/stuff about me making them. Any questions WILL be answered.

1. Faust (Dr. Baldhead) from Guilty Gear
2. Reno from Final Fantasy VII
3. Twitch (League of Legends)

1. Faust

This is my Faust from Guilty Gear. For my Second cosplay ever I think I did a pretty good job, which is rare for me to say because I usually hate things I do.

Here is a reference picture I used.

But Joking aside I did put my all into this costume and even made a complementary costume for my friend in blue here.

'He' is Bridget from Guilty Gear, a boy raised as a girl bounty hunter. (No we are not gay...TT^TT)

We wore our cosplay to the JAMS Halloween party and everyone loved it. We both won prizes in contests there. Bridget (Tommy) won funniest and I got scariest. I will treasure my ribbon till my last breath! Pretty scary right? >.<

After we got really drunk we had to go home and since no one could recognize me, everyone thought it was a great idea for me to be the driver.

JK (Clearly daytime here. Who parties then? haha)

The scalpel was the hardest part about the whole thing. I made the whole thing out of a 6 ft by 4 in piece of wood. Cut the blade shape/details and sanded them down.

Yes that is me at Crossroads workin' hard to get attention for OU's anime club booth.

Here is me and some of my friends at A-KON, no not the artist.
Actually, the blond guy we didn't know, but the guy on the right is Slayer from Guilty Gear. He's the president of JAMS and my friend Forest. Blond guy is from a similar game called BlazBlu.

A-KON ruled an tons of people shouted for their favorite character Faust as he creeped behind them, totally not checking out all the hot cosplay girls secretly through his hole, and finding his way to the cross-battle.

2. Reno

Reno is simply the greatest member of the Turks. He works for Shinra Electric company and works against those troublesome nature lovers.
Honestly my cosplay doesn't do him justice and I just through it together to stand in line at gamestop for Final Fantasy XIII, but I did learn some cool things.

The first thing I learned is that NOBODY KNOWS WHO RENO IS!!!
This was very sad for me because he was just always such a fun light-hearted character for me to watch.
He always sticks out his tongue somehow cooler than I can, but I did my best.

Reno works for the president of Shinra who is this other guy standing next to me. This was taken at OU during a Final Fantasy party we had to commemorate the release of Final Fantasy XIII.
He is actually the movie form of Reeve and Reno just always looks like this.

Yes even the destroyers of the planet need their nutrients.

The electric rod I 'made' is actually just a spray painted night stick that I got from Good Will for about $4. It is REALLY heavy and could easily take someone out. Apparently its actual use has something to do with a car lock or brakes, but this was never made clear to me. It isn't accurate to the movie but it does look about this blobby in the original game.

Everyne knows that RPGs are played for the story though and that graphics are irrelevent. (At least I hope in my heart of truth that this is always the case)This is especially the case, at least now, for FFVII

Not really sure what we were attempting here.

This kinda of respect can rarely be seen from Reeve to Reno, so I reveled in it for a while. It's definitely also a good thing that some do-gooders never showed up to spoil our photo-shoot.

3. - Twitch

I decided to be my favorite League Champion for Halloween. He is a mouse who gained sentience in the Sewers.

He ha a crossbow that tears through his enemies.

I used LED's in the mask and only with the help of a licensed and registered Radioshack Employee.

The costume took around a week to complete ad ove 60 hours for sure.
I did it for this contest that I won grad prize on.

League of Legends is a great game ere is the picture that won me $40 but really I lost about $60 in total costs.

A good 20 went into the mask which I love an was awesome. I'm glad that i can use LED effectively in costumes.

It is so hard to see in the dark because the LED is so bright. I think I might put it outside of the Tulle next time I use the LED. Powered by a huge smoke alarm battery. Speeking of smoke I sould get some dry Ice and make this costume look more smokey and dirty.

I mean he is a mouse from the sewers of Zaun.

After I won I fully intended to wear the costume outside to scare children, but with my busy college schedule I ended up not doing it. I was filled with pride abut winning the contest and bought some experience boosters in te game. This means that I still have around 3 games to play tonight. I did it to get limited edition Halloween runes. If your seeing this and want to play League of legends with me my username is TheKween.

This is also the inside of my house. I's pretty messy so I think it added to the effect of the costume. Maybe it could be a dirty hole or something haha. The red potion next to me is an in game item that I made with Code Red Mountain Dew, a bottle, and hot glue.