Each figure I have carries a special importance to me.

Its like a love encased in a plastic for that is always with you. It is just like that.

A trinket from a memory of love.

The first time I watch a series that I never want to forget I can have a token that is always there.

The aesthetic as nothing to do with it.

When I look at them I feel a sense of respect that I can almost liken to that of a pier. That is a main difference I have found from love.

Ah but Who wants to hear about all this when I can show my collection.

Many of the shows are from over decades ago.

I have a rare figure in the top right that is my favorite. It’s the XGP from Outlaw star, no ship can compare to its greatness. The red color was picked by its captain who is so awesome.

The reason he picked it was from his hair color.

So carefree.
I wish I could be that way.

I try every day to be as sensitive as Gene Starwind.

It is best to be especially nice to the ladies. That is what this figure says to me.





I can’t stop thinking about my destiny when its metal eyes stare me in the face. That is why I put it on the top.

I love seeing it. And that is only one figure.

1 - Nono (Daibuster)
2- XGP (Outlaw Star)

With the powers of all, enthusiasm is key.

There is still a sense of worth in enthusiasm even then and that is what this heavily armored space god is trying to tell me.

Even when you head is in the ground keep happy and try harder. Reach for the heavens.

Before she reached the heavens she looked like this:

Not yet becoming of a god, she road by way of motorbike.

I have just purchase these figures out of nostalgia for another character from the show. Can you guess which one it is?

Should I have bought them even? They are simple Gashapon, quarter machine, toys, but a whole set is nice.

She just looks so cunning. I wonder if those glasses actually do anything. Maybe they can protect her from my camera flash.

I don't think she liked my comment. Maybe they can read power levels? Or suggest outdated memes?

This is one of the best Monsieur Bome figures to date. He has made a lot, but this figure just has so much detail in all the right places and it really came out stunningly.

This is the 24th figure in his official series of 26 and I believe it holds the #2 spot for his best one. It measures about 9 inches high with the base attached and its bright coloring truly catches eyes of onlookers.

The hair is exceptional compared to other figures. It is airbrushed with a very nice shading of red to orange which truly compliments the ear-armor and goggles.

I really love the attention to detail he put into the body. Its a flawless arch on the back that really gives the legs and hair the much needed depth they deserve.
This side view might be my favorite view if not just for that arch.
More on the arch later.
The giant leg armor, that apparently needs cooling fans, needed to be compensated for somewhere and Bome-San had just the right place to do it with Nono's costume.

These red heels are actually part of this lovely figure and not the base. I really love the base and have to say that bases for figures is one of Bome's strong points.

SOME WARNING: I didn't want to detach the figure because my friend has another, but his will not attach. This figure has problems with attaching and detaching as I will demonstrate.

CHAOS HINDU NONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Nono must have felt like being a Hindu god. She certainly looks like the hottest one in my opinion.

Sadly I could not remove the apparently glued on arms to attach these alternative ones and without wanting to damage the figure, I never did.

The detail even extends to the ends of the scarf.

This is the arch of majesty.
It actualy has screws aparently...four of them.
I just love the detail of the back that just looks so real. The shoulder-blades protrude just enough to let you know that she is a true woman.

Speaking of womanly things, the craftsmanship in these finely curved pieces of what seems to be green jewelry or adornments of some kind is simply remarkable.

Her head.
These glasses seem to not be removable, believe me I tried.

Don't worry you can't tell when I put her hair back on! :D
I was, however, disappointed that when I do put the hair back on, it makes a very obvious protrusion where it connects.
I would still recommend this figure because for a price as reasonable as 20$, you could freaking sand paper that sucker.
Also it is truly one of the best looking figures in my collection despite the low price.

2 - XGP

As a general rule it is never a good idea to throw away a child's toys. My father threw away a set of Sonic Adventure figurines that I purchased with my own money when I was young. Now the set goes for around 1k on ebay and I am at a loss.


Something that Gene Starwind never felt because he lost his dad when he was young.

My dad refused to buy me this Bandai toy when I asked at 15$. It is now rare and hard to find for under 100$. I found it on some forums for 20$.

My pride and Joy.


Ok, so I haven't been taking care of it as much as I should be. I ran out of air cans so I'll have to get this dust off later before the next launch.

Gene Starwind and Melfina also came with this nice package.

Ok so they arent the best quality. Also thier costumes are drsticly lacking. They both have iconic dress that should be here that isn't. Still it's my most loved figure.

There is a great example of some of the shoddy quality that Bandai can easily get away with (probably anytime and all the time) angering hardcore fanboys like me.
The gun is hardly painted, as well as his back piece.

Aside from the paint they can't even cut her out smoothly.


Geez. I fully intend on writing a heartfelt letter! AHah, nah, I'm just going detail it when I have the time.
This really is one of the best logos in anime town, though.

The XGP is also nicely designed, but paintd poorly. Ill have to do some touch ups like Swanzo.

The detail in the thrusters is very nice. I really like the fullness of them and the detail of the plastic. It truly looks like the engines of the fastest ship in the universe. Even Gillium would agree.

Nice top view.

Grapler arms closed

Grapler arms RAGE!!

Actually the rage is not here. Why? The articulation in the arms is top notch, allowing me to move them in any possible direction.
Also, there is a small hole that has been cut so that the arms can lock back onto the ship allowing good protection of the joints. Joints that aren't to tight to pull apart and put together; basically the only thing Bandai is good at.

XGP- "I hurd wat you said!"
Me- "No! I still love you!"