Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anime Fans Rejoice! [One's Who Value their Time]

No longer do we have to play 200 + hours of .Hack games to gain important plot elements!

Games are now streamable.

You can watch the videos. [This is .Hack//infection]
You can watch people play. [This is .Hack//G.U.]
You can choose. [Any Game]

I chose .hack for my reasoning behind justifying the lazy act of watching games. There is just no way to do it realistically. I mean I am dropping $100 on the first four games, which would take about 240 hours. Then another $100 on the G.U games, about 80 hours. Then the ten manga and the six anime plus the card game and psp games = INSANITY

OK, so I exaggerate a little.

I watched the last three of the four .Hack games, up to .Hack//Quarantine, in a total of 2 hrs. This saved me 198+hrs of my life for a good story in an OK game that sometimes gets repetitive.

That's right. There is no longer a need to play. I know your thinking, "What are you crazy? Playing games is my life!"
OK, so yeah its fun, but the lasting benefit isn't there and the .Hack series is just to huge to pay the whole series.
I like MMOs where I can have lasting benefit, but that's just me.

If you agree with that though, then all the more reason to play the new .Hack//Link PSP MMO the last game in the series, apparently.

It has lots of characters from the series and some people are complaining about it, but COMMON!
The battle system looks great and it is what Hack fans have been waiting for forever.


Anyway, my point is that it it the same way for many other series. Gungrave especially. It's just less time consuming to watch the games rather than play them.

This is a great way for that businessman on the go or that overworked housewife to get in their dose of plot elements without missing their flight or timer.
Oh and also, the rest of us.

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