Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't be fooled; The Best Figure Website is

This is the best figure site I have ever found!

If you have a better site please tell me though, because I am not perfect.

There can be not other dis clamors.

This site is amazing beyond compare. Their shipping is great, customer service is great, selection is never ending, point system is very good if not the best, and they have monthly drawings for free merch.

Yes I can be more corny, but the site is no joke, they even sell paint and tools.

The more products you buy here, the more points you receive. If you store up enough points you can buy merchandise in the special category. Sure it's a small feature, but it only gets better, and never throws up on your carpet.

There is even more incentive to buy and participate in the community because if the monthly drawings. When you review the product you can leave feedback. Each feedback posted counts as a ticket in the drawing for each product category, but they are mostly figures.

If you save up your comments and post them all on the month of the category you want, you can post them all in that category, strengthening your chanced for that figure that is just right.

Members in the community can post their figures and get feedback from other paints as well.

The search almost always turns up the right figure so you can look them up before you paint them. This community is thriving and there is usually several versions from users. The search is wonderful. I t always turns up with that one series that no other site has.

Some sites send you shipping invoice after the order, this one doesn't. They are no nonsense and that's what I like about them.

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